Cleaning & Polishing

Feel the Difference with Airflow Cleaning!

Feel the Difference with Airflow Cleaning! Pacific Dental Care now offers patients an advanced cleaning technology called Air-Flow Cleaning. While regular scaling is effective enough for general removal of plaque and tartar on the inner and outer surfaces of the teeth, the Airflow method effectively removes stains by reaching the small gaps in between the teeth and under the gums that cannot be reached with regular scaling. A mixture of air and modified sodium bicarbonate powder with powerful water jet removes stains and tooth deposits efficiently and faster than ever before.

Benefits of Airflow

  • Cleans and opens fissure for sealing
  • Creates micromechanical retention for improved sealant adhesion
  • Enables caries diagnosis and simplifies treatment of small defects
  • Allows minimal invasive treatment of caries without anesthesia
  • Able to repairs composites and remove old composites